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116.Panzer- 6.Kompanie Living History Group

6.Kompanie, 116.Panzer Div. "Windhund" Living History Group

We are a German WW II Reenacting group based on the east coast, mostly in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, but accepting members from other states (with members from Washington DC to Atlanta, Georgia). We portray Panzergrenadieres and related combat units circa March 1944 of 6.Kompanie, 2.Battalion, 60.Regiment, 116.Panzerdivision.

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 This is a World War II Re-enacting Group portraying soldiers of the Heer and other nationalities. This is a portrayal only and we in no way share political or ideological views consistent with the Nazi party or any racist supremacist doctrine. 

        2nd Rangers  A. Co. Living History Group


World War II US Army Rangers Reenactor Group from the Mid-Atlantic region. Members are required to do a Authentic Ranger Infantry Impression, we represent 2nd Rangers Abel Co.,  as Rangers we can fight almost any where in  Europe.


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Rangers Lead the way!



3.Kompanie- 'Das Reich' Living History Group

 We are a World War II Living History Group based out of Central Virginia with members in North Carolina and Virginia.   We portray members of the 3rd Kompanie of the 1st Battalion of the 2.SS Panzer 'Das Reich' Division. 

2.SS Panzer Division, 'Das Reich

 We portray a typical German Waffen SS Unit that fought in all areas of World War II.  Founded in 2001 in Central Virginia the Unit has continued to be a premier Unit in the Southeast since then. The Unit is made up of various impressions for men and women, we are open to suggestions as to impression you'd like to portray, just contact us and we will consider your request. Our main impression is that of a SS Fusilier of the Waffen 2.SS 'Das Reich' Panzer Division,



326th ABE, 101st AB Division

(information via above webpage)

  ACamp US Army Airborne Engineer Unit we portray when[101st Airborne Division: inside rear cover] not doing 2.SS, that also has members who do this impression full time.  Open to anyone that is lo3.Kompanie- 'Das Reich' Living History Group looking for a US Army WWII Airborne impression.  We portray a AB Engineer  Company of the 326ABE, 101 ABD.


                   All American Airborne Legion


Airborne Engineers of the 82nd Airborne Division, based in North Carolina and Virginia, but open to members from other areas, we strive to portray these men with Honor. (founded in 2010)



Member of the All American Airborne Legion LHG

307th Medical
*307th Engineers
*D/325th Glider
*D/505th Parachute
*E/505th Parachute


       11th Airborne Division, Pacific Front Unit

A Reenacting group based in the Va./NC/SC area.  This group portrays members of the US Army 11th Airborne Division, who served in the Pacific in 1944-45.



 11th Airborne Division

511th Parachute Infantry Rgt.

187th Glider Infantry Rgt.

188th Glider Infantry Rgt.



We allow either Parachute Infantry or Glider Infantry Impressions, and members must meet the historical guidelines for the Unit.


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116.Panzer Herlferin and DRK Unit

116, Panzer Hq. in action

A WW II Reenactor's Group of Women Associated with the Kampfgruppe Peddinghaus.(6.Kp.-116.Panzer Div, and other units) Based on East Coast, with members from NC,SC & Va. Portrays all aspects of German Women in WW II, as well as a combat partisan unit of Communist Partisans, Russian Infantry, sometime portraying German western Front Saboteurs "Werewolf" fighters and Western front resistance fighters.



The 8th Shidan

 Japanese Reenacting Group      Updated ASAP!

Generic Canadian Infantry Brigade Reenacting Group


World War II Generic Canadian/Common Wealth Reenactor Group from the Mid-atlantic region. Members are required to do an Infantry Impression, we represent no specific Unit, we are generic as we can fight almost any where.